A71 Productions’ mission is simple – to create quality content that enlightens and entertains audiences both on a domestic and international level. The collective experience of David Miller, Chad Maker and Kirk Comrie not only will enable A71 Productions to develop and create engaging and compelling content, but also will ensure that it is marketed and branded properly, so that it is highly attainable for audiences, and profitable and desirable for distributors, sales agents, exhibitors and business partners.



KYLE is a young Canadian minor league baseball player, bound for major league stardom until his attitude gets in the way. When his family discovers his…
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MICAH and ANDERSON are 18-years-old, friends since they started school although grew up in completely different worlds. Micah dreams about leaving the low-income housing projects… Read More


My Foolish Heart

Born Into This
MY FOOLISH HEART is a feature length comedy that tells the story of BENJAMIN, a 23 year old, hopeless romantic and tenor saxophone player, who is kicked out of a prestigious music… Read more


The Child Remains

THE CHILD REMAINS is a terrifying ghost story set in a country inn that harbours unspeakable secrets. Fleeing a broken relationship, Cale Dobson and her five year old son drive Read More



A rebellious teenager is falsely accused of planning a school massacre, and must survive a harrowing conflict with a prison gang leader while fighting to redeem himself with his girlfriend and his community.
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It Was You Charlie

It Was You Charlie is a dark comedy-drama that tells the story of a lonely graveyard-shift doorman named Abner. Once an accomplished sculptor and college art teacher, he is now, sadly, a mere shadow of his former self.
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After sending away his 12 year-old son Siddharth for work, Mahendra (a chain-wallah who fixes broken zippers on the streets) is relieved – his financial burdens will be alleviated. But when Siddharth fails to return home…
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Berkshire County

Berkshire County
When a late night knock at the door signals the arrival of three psychotics, a teenage girl must go beyond what she ever thought capable in order to survive.
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Bobby is a entertainer who has reached the top of his career, he’s the best at what he does and has been for sometime. Everyone knows it. But now that he has reached the top, where does he go from here?
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First Nation’s graffiti artist, Jimmy Linklater, leaves his northern home for the opportunities of the city.  However, once there, he quickly realizes that the urban life is not what he’d imagined.
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A71 Productions Inc., was created out of necessity. Far too often independent films are created and then never seen, particularly in Canada. Although great films start with great stories, without great marketing and promotion they rarely achieve commercial success.

David Miller first met Chad Maker and Kirk Comrie when he was Director of Creative and Business Development at Channel Zero Inc. (a digital and basic cable broadcaster in Canada). At that time, Agency 71 Inc. (Maker & Comrie) were brought on to brand several digital channels for Channel Zero, and after seeing their quality of work, learning of Maker’s past key art design work on countless Canadian films, and their overall industry savvy, Miller knew that it was only a matter of time until they all worked together again.

In 2006, Miller became more active as an independent film producer joining Poor Man’s Productions Ltd. (to produce the award-winning film AMAL), and in 2007 creating DRM Productions Inc.. As AMAL went through the stages of development, along with Miller’s other projects, Agency 71 and Miller worked closer and closer, shaping and branding the content. The potential of AMAL was obvious, but in order for it to really work, marketing was key.

Six Genie Nominations and twenty-five plus international festival awards later for AMAL, three new feature films on the horizon, (including the much anticipated BLACKBIRD), numerous other projects in development, and an ever-growing resume for Agency 71 with several North American distributors, Miller, Maker and Comrie decided it was time to take their relationship one step further and formed A71 Productions with a mandate to create great stories and, through great marketing, share them with a global audience.

David Miller, President

David MillerDavid Miller is an internationally established producer, who has overseen independent productions both within Canada and abroad, under Poor Man’s Productions and his DRM Productions shingle company.

Miller has garnered numerous international awards and most recently received a 2009 Genie nomination for Best Motion Picture for the multi-award winning feature film AMAL (by Richie Mehta). The film has garnered more than twenty prestigious awards – ranging from Best Feature Film at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival to Best Feature at the Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles to the Audience Award at the AFI Dallas Film Festival.

Miller has currently just completed three feature films – KIVALINA (Ben Addelman), BILLY BATES (Julie Pacino, Jennifer Delia) and BLACKBIRD (Jason Buxton) – and in packaging on two others – MY FOOLISH HEART (Emmanuel Shirinian) and BERKSHIRE COUNTY (Audrey Cummings). Miller has also just wrapped production on Richie Mehta’s latest feature SIDHARTH, and is in development on a number of feature films that he is either producing or executive producing, including BASEBALLISSIMO (written by Jay Baruchel & Jesse Chabot), BROBOTS and Richie Mehta’s next feature film, which is currently untitled.

While in the early stages of his independent production career, Miller was the Director of Creative & Business Development at Channel Zero Inc. (home of Movieola—The Short Film Channel, Silver Screen Classics and Ouat Media Distribution) and wrote and produced the 18th Annual Gemini Awards (Night 1 and 2). Miller also worked in Public Relations for various organizations such as the National Film Board of Canada, the Academy of Canadian Cinema, and freelanced on various films. During his time at the NFB Miller achieved success leading the organization’s 2004 Oscar® campaign, where the NFB received their 67 and 68 Academy Award® nominations and an Oscar® for the film RYAN.

David Miller is a standing member of the Canadian Media Producers Association (CMPA), sits on the CMPA Feature Film Committee and is the Hub for PRO (Producers’ Roundtable of Ontario). In addition, Miler is the President of a new production company A71 Productions Inc., and a partner in Agency 71 inc., a North American based marketing and branding company in Toronto, Canada.

Chad Maker, Vice-President

Chad MakerJumping into the design world at the age of twenty-one, over the past seventeen years Maker has developed campaigns, concepts and individual pieces for a long list of retail, entertainment, and editorial clients. A graphic designer by trade and a director at heart, Maker has had the good fortune to be able to combine two of his life’s passions into his body of work. Chad has designed and created full scale campaigns for companies such as Bluenotes Jeans, Randy River, The Movie Network, Labatt Blue, Access Magazine,Wampole Vitamins, Corus Entertainment and more, while also directing several TV commercials, music videos and an award-winning short film (ABOUT FACE) and recently produced the short ISSUES with Hugh Dillon and Enrico Colantoni – premiering at TIFF 2011.

One of Canada’s most prolific Film Poster Designers, Maker has over forty feature film posters in his portfolio. He has not only created poster campaigns, but also designed opening title sequences, websites and marketing packages, for films such as AMAL, ONE WEEK, HIGH LIFE, THE BABY FORMULA, REAL TIME, HARD CORE LOGO, LAST NIGHT, GINGER SNAPS, THE BANG BANG CLUB and many more.

He is a visionary thinker, illustrator, designer, director and musician, whose real drive is to assemble great people into productive teams and guide the process of creativity to a rewarding conclusion for all. With over 18 years of industry experience, Chad now shares his experience with the talented staff at Agency 71 Inc, as well as giving guest lectures at the Canadian Film Centre, National Screen Institue and Ryerson University on strategies for Film & Television marketing.

Kirk Comrie, Vice-President

Kirk ComrieKirk Comrie joined Agency 71 in 2004 to head up Agency 71’s Motion and Interactive division. Comrie brought with him over twelve years experience in audio/visual design and technical production for both live theatre and musical concerts working for artists such as Kenny Rogers, Alice Cooper, Tom Cochrane, Kim Mitchell and Randy Travis. Additionally he brought a mission-critical ethos honed over an eight year period of providing internet/computer networking infrastructure consulting and support to a start-up internet service provider.

Together with Maker, he wrote, edited, and supervised the full range of post-production on the award-winning short film ABOUT FACE and co-produced and edited ISSUES, a short film with Hugh Dillon and Enrico Colantoni from FLASHPOINT. In the past two years alone, Comrie has created over forty TV and Film trailers for clients including E1 Entertainment, Phase 4 Films, Union Pictures, Kinosmith Inc., The National Film Board and the Ontario Media Development Corporation.

He has created motion graphics for use in commercials, TV Station ID’s, online advertisements and opening credit/title sequences for film.



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